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Marina Munoz collaborated with Gargyle on this series of awesome looks (more here). I love how she stays so true to her own quirks when she takes on each personality. Marais Girl to the max. xx Haley

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Hello lovelies! I’m in China checking on the production of our Fall collection. Things are looking good! I’m here alone (Cat comes on Monday), so I’ve been keeping busy on my own. Here are some tidbits of what I’ve seen so far..

A sneak peek of our new Chukka Heels – in stores this Fall!
An adventurous choice at the local fruit stand. I almost wimped out after cutting through the thick red skin, because the fruit is all gooey and slurpy looking (looks like chicken fat to be honest – not ok!). Upon further inspection, I decided it looked more like a lychee and thus took a bite. Oh me oh my, YUM. It tastes like melon gummy bears! It’s called “Lady of the Jungle.” Okay, apparently I invented that name, and it is actually called “Queen of Fruit” or Mangosteen. However I think I will be sticking with my own concoction: Lady of the Jungle just has a nice ring to it. There’s another fruit called “Man of the Jungle” King of Fruit - stay tuned for my review.
All of the cars here have these amazing seat covers. This one is very Lady Gaga. I think she needs it in her Escalade.
Do these Wedges look familiar to anyone? Yes, that’s right, we brought back the Prince Wedge from our first collection (with a few updates of course). This is the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear. Trust me when I say you need it in all 4 colors.

More updates to come.  xx Haley

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Refreshing and crisp! From the Contributing Editor.

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I went back to Taiwan last month to visit my family and I finally got my disposable developed!  I hadn’t returned in over 10 years and so much has changed since I was a teenager.  I have to say that I enjoyed my trip a lot more this time than last… mostly because I was able to do A LOT of shopping:) However, the food is still as good as I remembered.  Some of the more exciting things on my menu included congealed goose blood, goose intestines, and goose feet.  Most of it was incredibly delicious, except for the goose blood, which was a bit too easy to swallow (it had the consistency of soft tofu that had sat out in the sun for 12 hours).  Here are some of my pics!

At the National Palace Museum (many of the treasures from the Forbidden City have been re-located here).

At the zoo with this bad boy rhino!

The MOST DELICIOUS dessert in the whole world!  Shaved ice with fresh mango, kiwi, strawberry, bit of syrup and cream.

Typical street corner with many different boutiques and noodle shops.

3 generations of Chen’s here!


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I’m loving casting director, Natalie Joos’ new blog, Tales of Endearment.  Check out my favorite stories!

Annabelle Dexter Jones

Lily Kwong

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Photos from HardToExplain, Julia., Closet Visit, Grazia.It

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Early season legumes and roots, virgin walnut, jambon Bayonne, Vietnamese herbs.

A refreshing elixir of Leblon, Rhubarb, Lime, Ginger Ale, Orange Peel, Lavender

Breakfast radishes the size of a lady bug and super pungent. A mini radish grenade. Cute!

Crab, apple, peach, and corn blossoms – just a small selection of flowers Red Medicine cooks with.

I will be in Southern California for a wedding at the end of the summer, and intend on stopping by Red Medicine for dinner in LA. Their refreshingly overachieving menu is choc full of rare and unusual farm fresh ingredients. Aaaand they do a version of my favorite cocktail that I must try, a celery Pimms cup! Yummy, xx Haley

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Images from H & M Magazine, FGR, Nolan Hall

Heading out of the city to enjoy the beach! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, xx Haley

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Images from FGR, Google images, and Julia.

There is something very refreshing about white in the summer months. I think a bare bedroom and a white sundress are in order. And I know we have all seen it, but can we take note of Astrid Berges-Frisbey’s Cannes ensemble one more time? Red carpet chic in a nutshell: Skip the make-up all together, messily coif the hair half-up, and throw on Chanel haute couture. One of my favorite looks of all time.

xx Haley

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Photos via Vanessa Jackman for Grazia.it

I am majorly girl crushing over Natalie’s shiny black hair and her pink and sea foam green ensemble. She is just oozing Marais Girl with her effortless, sweet, chic look. In addition to being the cutest girl on the block (make that cobble stone corner), she does the social media for Net-a-Porter.com and keeps her own blog.

Two thumbs up for Natalie! And sorry Catherine and I have been so bad about posting lately. We just finished designing the Summer 2012 collection and are getting ready to take a trip to the factory to see the final stages of Fall production. Needless to say, things have been crazy, but we literally cannot even wait to show you what is in store for the next collection. Nude penny loafers and studded T-strap flats anyone?

xx Haley

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