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I went back to Taiwan last month to visit my family and I finally got my disposable developed!  I hadn’t returned in over 10 years and so much has changed since I was a teenager.  I have to say that I enjoyed my trip a lot more this time than last… mostly because I was able to do A LOT of shopping:) However, the food is still as good as I remembered.  Some of the more exciting things on my menu included congealed goose blood, goose intestines, and goose feet.  Most of it was incredibly delicious, except for the goose blood, which was a bit too easy to swallow (it had the consistency of soft tofu that had sat out in the sun for 12 hours).  Here are some of my pics!

At the National Palace Museum (many of the treasures from the Forbidden City have been re-located here).

At the zoo with this bad boy rhino!

The MOST DELICIOUS dessert in the whole world!  Shaved ice with fresh mango, kiwi, strawberry, bit of syrup and cream.

Typical street corner with many different boutiques and noodle shops.

3 generations of Chen’s here!


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