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Here are more photos of our recent trip to China. We went to check on the Fall collection during production, and to develop new styles for Summer 2012. The work days were long, but the dinners made up for it!

The # 1 dinner to have in China is obvi Peking Duck. I think our server may have been slightly horrified that a two-top was intent on consuming the equivalent of a Thanks Giving turkey, but when in Rome . . . .

These adorable ladies carved that duck up to perfection and made lovely little sandwiches for us . . . .

Add a few more plates of those delightful crepe-like concoctions (stuffed with duck, cucumber, chile, and sauce), and you have a winning Chinese feast.

This young man appeared at our dinner the next evening. Novelty uniforms were in abundance in China. Needless to say, the cowboy serving steaks was our pick of the litter.  We’ll be keeping a photo diary of all the uniforms we see on our next trip.

Sake at dinner, after having outdone the night of the Peking duck. We ate pretty much every seafood under the sun and finished off the meal with some fried bananas and ice cream.

And yes, we did do some work on our trip – quite a bit in fact. Here is Catherine in an awesome shop at the market where we found lots of fun new espadrille ideas . . . .

This is the city where our shoes are made. It is crazy how much it has changed in the past few years! Chalk full of shops, restaurants, and spas… and factories!

. . . . And Catherine has clearly taken advantage of the dessert bar at the all-you-can-eat buffet at our hotel restaurant. Just a few nibbles for the car ride. Mango cream cake is the best one!

And this is us with Janice, our adorable correspondent, who helps us every step of the way as we manufacture new styles. We went to my favorite spot in China: Rotisserie Chicken Hall of Fame. The chicken coop is in the back, and the tables are in the front. It is the absolute freshest and most delish chicken anywhere.

Great trip! We are thrilled with the Fall collection. It will be here before you know it!  x x  H a l e y


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Image from Coco + Kelley

If I owned more than a few pairs of heels, I would definitely be installing a wall of trim to dangle my shoes upon. Alas, my shoe wardrobe consists almost entirely of flats and wedges, so I will continue to search for a white lacquer armoire with shelves to hold my quickly expanding collection. Why doesn’t CB2 make the armoire version of this console?   x x   H a l e y

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Stunning interiors and a great shot of Carine!  Images collected by Street Style AestheticsFrench by Design, From Me to You, and Automatism.  <Catherine>

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Via Self Service

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Images from This is Glamorous, the Coveteur, Google images, and FGR.

After having made a concerted effort to not have an overly girly decorated apartment over the past months, I’ve had enough! I love this stuff :) All of the paintings in this post are by Elisa Johns – would love to have one in my bedroom. But for now, I think I’ll jut hunt for some slate blue printed wallpaper with a leafy motif.  x x  H a l e y

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Image from the Coveteur.

. . . Hopefully involving the beach! xx Marais USA

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These girls make one bad ass girl group!  Can anyone tell me where to get those cat-eye white sunglasses?!?

Via V Magazine

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Our friend, Macon, makes the sweetest stationary and was kind enough to share this lovely summer time deal on her personalized letterpress note cards. I have literally just run out of stationary and think I’ll have to do a monogram in RED / Coco Chanel (Didot)! Really, is there anything that is not made better with a monogram? Email Macon for yours. xx Haley

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xx Marais USA Team

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