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Are you guys familiar with All Knitwear by Annie Larson? She makes super cute, playful knits, as is obvious from the above sampling of her line’s offerings. And she’s doing her first ever giveaway, so swing by her blog and leave a comment here for your chance to win this adorable Dash Dot Triangle Hat. Annie only made three of these, so it is really a limited addition hand made piece:

Bon chance! x x  H a l e y

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Designers Haley and Catherine in a post-photo sesh glamour shot on Marais Girl Hannah’s pied-a-terre in the lovely Greenpoint, NY. You may haven noticed Haley in the Cobalt Kitten Heels and Catherine in the Espadrille Sandals.

x x   M a r a i s  U S A  T e a m

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SHADES OF RED and pink and orange

Photos from Flair Magazine, Street FSN, and FGR.

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… Some of my favorite snippets from an issue of The World of Interiors that my friend left at my apartment (Aug 2011). Love the pink silk lampshades in this room – such a fun and unexpected touch!

The outdoor images are from a Scottish hunting lodge from 1732. The ones taken indoors are from a Danish sea captain’s farmstead.

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I went to a small boarding school in Santa Barbara, and it was tradition for the senior class to pull a bunch of pranks and skip class one day at the end of the year. The pranks had to be done in the middle of the night without getting caught by all the teachers who lived on campus. And when everyone woke up, the senior class was gone to the beach, and the teachers and underclassmen would find many things out of place. I love this photo from when all of the chairs were taken out of the dining hall and formed into a pyramid on the lawn. Ah the memories.

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From Hedi Slimane’s Photo Diary

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Photos of Kate Moss’ wedding are out!  I loved seeing these candids… she looks so happy!

“When I put the dress on, I’m really happy,” says Kate. “I forget about everything.”

The bride wore John Galliano and the bridesmaids and flowergirls wore Bonpoint.

Kate had invited 138 guests to the ceremony (39 of those were children!)

Tepees were set up in Kate’s field for the children

I AM IN LOVE with the Edwardian wicker she chose to decorate the garden with.

And finally the CAKE: six-tiers, each a different flavor, designed by Peggy Porschen.

I loved reading the whole article. Every detail was very much a reflection of the bride.

< Catherine >

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Images via Because I’m Addicted, Fashion Gone Rogue, & CaliVintage
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AKA Deborah Lloyd’s Standard Schnauzer – such a riot!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend,  x x   H a l e y

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The Self Service blog is one of my absolute musts in my Google Reader, but only just discovered the amazing archives section on their site and had to share these Chloe pics. They’ve got quite a list to peruse – I’d check it out,  x x  H a l e y

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