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Captured on a disposable camera . . .

First stop, coffee in my travel clothes + Beatle Boots (#lostluggage)

Back porches and gardens aplenty

Blake, the Savannah local (slash tour guide extraordinaire)

Hangin’ in Monterey Square in my Jitney Wedges

On a recent excursion to Savannah, Georgia I had my first ever truly Southern experience. Over the past year, my friend Blake has sent me frequent invitations, cheap flight notifications, and photographic tours via email. I’d read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and I’d been told it was the most beautiful city in the US. That seemed a tall order, but after 30 minutes on a bike in the Historic District, I had to agree. The city is laid out on a grid around squares, 22 of them. By squares, I mean rectangular blocks whose perimeters are lined with gorgeous 18th and 19th century mansions. Sadly, this picturesque district became a low-income neighborhood in the 1900′s, with most homes becoming dilapidated and uncared for. That is, until restoration expert Jim Williams came to the rescue and began to transform the neighborhood back to its former glory. Including his very own Mercer House (pictured above). Today the Historic District, and city in general, is a hub for artists (rent is literally a fraction of what we New Yorkers are accustomed to) and old fashioned Southern livin (fried green tomatoes and rocking chairs aplenty). I am a fan.

See you again soon, Savannah!

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