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Grab a friend, bring a picnic, take in the sights. Photos via Eva Plainer.

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July 24th, 2012 Comments Off


I stepped out of the dirt drive way and this was my first view of Hacienda de San Rafael. The main courtyard is filled with flowering trees under every archway.  On either side of the courtyard are guest rooms where we stayed for the wedding and the remainder of our trip.

Although we barely spent any time in this room, I would be remiss if I didn’t showcase the main living area! I love the hand-picked cotton stems they added to each vase.

Flowers in every nook and cranny!

A pic of my friend Nora and I dressed up before the rehearsal dinner.  Side note – I was reading The Hunger Games during this trip, so I braided my hair just as I imagined Katniss would :)

All of my favorite things: SUN, WICKER, RELAXATION

More flowers, more braids – it’s wedding time! My BF happened to be the best man too.

Definitely the color of summer – HOT CORAL

Derrick making his way down the aisle with his parents.

A sun drenched ceremony!

The bride in all her glory – Amanda, you couldn’t be more radiant!

The best end to the best wedding – so delighted to have been part of it!

If you would like to learn more about Amanda and Derrick’s destination wedding, click here.

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July 17th, 2012 Comments Off


I attended a spectacular wedding for my friends Derrick and Amanda in Seville Spain a few weeks ago. It happened to be a great excuse for my BF and I to take a mini-vacay road trip through Spain.  Here are some of my pics along the way!

Our first meal in Madrid – jamon and queso ended up being the staple diet for 10 straight days.

Walking through the streets of Madrid.  It was Sunday and all the shops were closed.

Our last night in Madrid – we closed down a bull fighting bar …..

There was a tequila drinking contest with a 70 year old flamenco dancer. It did not end well.

Despite the subsequent hangover and a lengthy 7 hour drive, we made it to Cadiz!

Sorry, this is my cheesy couple in Europe pic:)

My favorite crazy tree park.

After a few nights in Cadiz, we hopped into the car and drove 45 mins to Tarifa, the windiest city in Spain.

Popular for wind surfing, Tarifa was my favorite city to visit. We only made a day trip, but managed to squeeze in an amazing dinner. All the food was locally grown.  The restaurant even made their own mineral water. It was best water I’ve ever tasted!

Hi Mom!  It’s windy up here and I’m sunburned!

Stayed tuned for pics from Sevilla and the wedding!
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July 12th, 2012 Comments Off


Smile today cause it’s the freakin weekend! 

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